The best way to learn is to teach. ~ Frank Oppenheimer

When I first started learning how to code, I had no idea what I was doing. I had spent four years of my life studying finance in school and two years after that in jobs I did not enjoy. I turned to online tutorials and countless tech blogs written by passionate developers in an attempt to learn the basics. Hashes, arrays, strings, classes, variables; concepts that today are second nature were so difficult to understand. I haven’t given it much thought unitl recently but if it weren’t for developers with a passion for teaching what they know, I probably wouldn’t be writing software professionally today. When someone is passionate about their craft, they’re naturally going to want to teach neophytes what they know. I almost feel I owe it to the developer community to give back by sharing what I’ve learned with beginners who share the same humble beginnings. I also feel I owe it to myself to share what I know to reinforce my knowledge on a subject and continue my growth as a software developer. This is why I’m starting to blog; to help others who are in the same boat I once was.